icon suspension testimonials


I love my ICONs I tow a camper so I have rear Ride pro springs with poly air bags. 

The difference I think between Billies and ICON, ICON are very plush smooth ride almost every where without feeling like a boat. Billies are great just a tad firmer.


I am running the BlackHawk arms . They work great with the OEM ball joints. These UCA’s provide plenty of adjustment needed to get the wheel alignment spot on.

The difference was extremely noticeable when I changed over to them after having the OEM UCA’s for nearly 30k. 

I was tossing up between this and a Uniball style, but didn’t want the ongoing maintenance of running Uniball’s or the possibility of squeaking UCA’s. 

Mr R. 

Having run both Kings remote reservoir shocks and Icon stage 6 there is no comparison in ride quality – Icon wins hands down both for bump and lump smoothing and for handling control as the dual remote reservoirs in the front work in tandem in different zones – extremely clever and works at a whole other level to Kings.


I know of two people with stage one icon’s and two people with stage four icons all who are very happy and have had no trouble. The ride and handling with the Icons is excellent.


Had an Icon Long Travel kit fitted whilst at Autocraft. Previously had OME heavy front medium rear. Ride is chalk and cheese on road and off, travel in the rear is amazing and the front hasn’t yet lifted a leg on the bunny tracks near home! No regrets, thats for sure!


Icon stage 4 here. I really like them. Everything fitted perfectly, everything seems to work well together. LOVE the travel, but thats a preference and has nothing to do with ride or longevity, more length which can be specced in either brand.

Aftersales service I have not needed, but I got them from Autocraft and I have had very good after sales service on other items that I had installed at the same time, so would expect no different if I had an issue with my shocks.


I have the Icon Stage 1.

Not up there in terms of remote reservoirs and that fancy pants stuff but in terms of happiness…I’m happy with the setup for what I do and have done with the car since. Autocraft sold me the suspension but didn’t do the install. No comparison whatsoever between the stock and the Icon. Whilst the stock suspension did great up at Cape York, I was very glad I had the Icon on at the Summit in the High Country. Handled it all nicely.


Plus one for ICON stage one.

As much as I like all the remote reservoir gear, in my eyes it’s just something else that can fail, too many links in the chain if you will.

So far very happy with my ICON stage one bang for buck.

Mr C. 

If I could only do one mod to the car it would be this, along with the LPG it is something that you notice every minute of every day that you drive the car. From 4wding with other mates, doing the highway kms between Torquay and Melbourne for work, through to all kinds of trips (in WA at the moment). I’m in it quite a bit, looks like I’ll put 50-60,000kms on the FJ in its first year.


Recently swapped out the rear Bilstein shocks for a pair of Icon stage 1 long travel & after the snow trip yesterday are super impressed with the ride & handling. Don’t get me wrong the Billy’s have been excellent & are a huge improvement over OME etc but the Icon definitely smooth out corrugations & pot holes to a new level.


peter testemonial


Thanks for the new icon suspension Darren I’m very happy



I have just recently had Icon suspension put into our 200 series Landcruiser. It is excellent. I have always used OME in the past, and while it did the job well and lasted a good amount of time, it did make the ride harder. The Icon firms up the ride and stops the car from diving under brakes, but is not harder at all. The rebound of the shocks was spot on when I took it off road recently, through local sand hills. I would recommend the Icon suspension on recent experience. I have not yet had them long enough to comment on negativity. Auto Craft in Geelong installed ours, great people to deal with.


While I personally run Bilstein, I do travel with several people using Icon. Their base shocks perform extremely well & the high end bypass model’s are absolutely brilliant. As with any quality shock they are best appreciated by people that push hard or are looking for reliability & long service life. The WA mines are expecting twice the life span out of the Icon compared to previous after market suspension.